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Brizy’s UI is Clean and Uncluttered

The first thing that you see when you load the Brizy editing screen is a gorgeous blank canvas. Right away after loading the editing interface for Brizy I knew that I was in for something special. I wasn’t dissapointed. The UI options are simply laid out and beautiful. It’s just about the best looking interface in a WordPress page builder that I’ve seen!

Brizy Pro - Everything starts with a blank canvas
Brizy Pro – Everything starts with a blank canvas

The Brizy interface is simply beautiful. (I know I keep saying this but it really is!) Using Brizy is also a treat. Elements drag smoothly from the panel. Brizy brags about using the high performing React.js library for their UI. That was a good choice.

Activating an element’s settings option brings up a well laid out panel that’s easy to navigate. From the options panel, you can find options to adjust everything from entrance animations to colors, add custom CSS and element IDs and a whole lot more.

A super useful addition to the UI that Brizy adds is displaying a row’s padding when hovering over it. Little touches like this that help the user save time are highly appreciated.

I did come across a minor problem when I added a the blog post element. The live editor showed the posts but instead of the post’s featured image and content, there was only a placeholder. I started over and repeated these steps but still couldn’t see the featured images.

The posts were displayed normally on the preview for the page. They’re just not visible in the live editor. This isn’t glitchy behavior. I discovered an article on the Brizy site that indicated that this unfortunately is the planned approach.

Brizy Pro - Live editor doesn't show the actual posts loaded in the element
Brizy Pro – Live editor doesn’t show the actual posts loaded in the element

Brizy Pro Features


Brizy’s Design Elements

Brizy Pro includes only a limited collection of elements such as text, icon, gallery, carousel, and form. This is one of the very few shortcomings of this page builder. However, on the plus side, the elements included are absolutely the most essential. This means anyone using Brizy Pro probably won’t suffer much by being restricted to this limited selection of elements. Documentation on their site explains that new elements will be added up until and beyond the official release of the Pro version. According to their documentation, Brizy Pro will be released sometime in 2019.

Brizy - Just the bare essential elements
Brizy – Just the bare essential elements

Brizy Pro Has Excellent Integrations


Brizy Pro brings with it a lot of integrations to powerful marketing tools like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Zapier. Brizy also integrates well with WooCommerce and Yoast SEO. With Brizy Pro, you also get integrations with ACF, Toolset, Pods, and Metabox.

Brizy Pro - Lots of built-in contact form integrations
Brizy Pro – Lots of built-in contact form integrations

Enhance your Brizy built designs with Google Fonts and Adobe Fonts integration. Brizy also lets you easily embed YouTube and Vimeo video, audio from Soundcloud, and images from Unsplash.

Build Dynamic Pages in Brizy Pro

This is Brizy’s name for their full theme editing features. Brizy lets you easily take full control of your Post template, Archive, and 404 pages with Brizy Pro’s Dynamic Content feature. This is a really cool addition that makes Brizy Pro shine!

Brizy Pro - A great selection of dynamic sections
Brizy Pro – A great selection of dynamic sections


Brizy Pro also gives you the power to completely customize your site’s headers and footers. Coming soon on Brizy Pro’s roadmap will be adding the same control over WooCommerce and Search results pages. They lead the pack of other page builders by allowing editing of headers and footers from while editing any page. This feature saves a lot of clicking around between page and theme editing.

Brizy Pro + Custom Fields

If you use custom fields, Brizy Pro has you covered. Brizy Pro has built-in full integration with Advanced Custom Fields, Toolset, Pods, and Meta Box.

Brizy Pro WordPress Page Builder Review

Layouts and Templates


Brizy Pro’s Layouts Are Gorgeous

Brizy Pro really shines when it comes to the included pages and sections (called blocks in Brizy) layouts! They include 500+ full-page layouts, page sections, and pop-ups.

Brizy Pro has really made improvements with their included layouts. They are very well designed, modern looking, and, most importantly, they look really, really nice. Every block section is also available in both a light and dark version. Brizy organizes their pre-built full page layouts into packs and includes 26 of them with the Pro version. Each pack is basically an entire website. Some of the layout packs include between 5 and 10 fully designed pages. Nice!

Brizy Pro - Beautiful pre-built page and block layouts
Brizy Pro – Beautiful pre-built page and block layouts

Headers and Footers

Brizy Pro also has pre-built header and footer blocks that can be added to any section of the layout.You can customized header and footer controls are visible on the entire site, the Brizy header and footer blocks only affect the page where they’re placed.

While this feature doesn’t turn Brizy into a full fledged theme builder, this is a great feature for building a landing page or micro-site.

Theme Compatibility


Brizy Pro will work well with just about any theme that is modern, well coded. To get the most out of Brizy Pro, any theme you use should include a full-page layout. Unlike some other page builders, Brizy Pro includes its own blank page template. Be aware though that the Brizy template doesn’t display the header or footer sections. That makes it great for distraction-free landing pages but not a regular page.

Recommended Themes for Brizy Pro

  • Astra

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