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Single Product

shoptimizer single product

  • Header banner. Discount coupons or special offers can be displayed in this prominent location.
  • Large primary image. Product images are extremely important. Shoptimizer does a great job of putting a focus on WooCommerce images.
  • Strong call to action. The more prominent this crucial buying signal is on a product page, the better.
  • Countdown timer. This FOMO (fear of missing out) feature can help undecided buyers take the plunge and purchase.
  • Stock quantity. Another FOMO feature that persuades customers to buy before it’s sold out.
  • Shipping cost display. According to Baymard, lack of obvious shipping pricing is a key factor in losing conversions. With Shoptimizer, you can make this information prominent right below the main call to action.
  • Trust symbols. Users’ perception of the security of a site they haven’t purchased from is very important, especially for first-time customers.
  • Call back. Some stores selling high-value goods may need to give additional reassurances to customers. With Shoptimizer, you can include a request for a callback form and capture potential leads’ phone numbers.
  • Previous sales pop up. Display previous items bought to give reassurance to new buyers.

As you can see there has been a lot of thought put into this key page and it implements many of the best product page practices in the industry.

Other elements of this page include a sticky bar that keeps the product name, price and buy now button on-screen at all times, even when scrolling. Furthermore, the main product description area can utilize the Elementor page builder. Using this powerful tool allows store owners to create truly dynamic content areas with images and videos to make their products stand out.

Slide out Cart

shoptimizer slide out cart

Shoptimizer has a slide out cart, a great feature that makes it easy to review what’s in the cart at all times. The buttons at the bottom are fixed, with the Checkout button particularly prominent to focus the user’s attention on that important call to action.

Cart Page

shoptimizer cart page

The cart page is well thought out with many useful features which differentiate it from the default WooCommerce experience.

  • Progress bar. You’ll know where you are in the purchase journey at all times and that you won’t have multiple screens to complete.
  • Strong call to action. Once again, the Proceed to Checkout is bright to encourage visitors to get onto the next step.
  • Trust symbols. These let customers know that security is of paramount importance.
  • Displaying recent reviews in this space gives users the confidence that they’re making the right choice.


shoptimizer checkout

Shoptimizer’s checkout is also a bit more unique than the standard way of doing things. It has a “distraction-free” layout option which removes, well, all distractions. Gone are the header, navigation, and footer, and thus all the user’s attention remains focused on completing the order process.

Underneath the call to action button are trusted symbols, as well as space for testimonials to help encourage the customer to finish the step.

Better Category Page Content for Improved SEO

shoptimizer improved seo

Shoptimizer has an additional category description field below the products.

An area that has always been rather underutilized in WooCommerce is the category pages. By their nature they tend to just show a loop of products but looking at bigger players in the industry, they often include keyword-rich content also. Shoptimizer includes an additional category content field below the products so you can craft specific content for each category. This has enormous benefits when it comes to SEO of these pages.

Suggested Search Results

shoptimizer search results

The search results feature in the header is nice and prominent. The results display immediately after typing a few characters which allow a visitor to navigate immediately to the product image, skipping the results page step.

Mega Menu With Products

shoptimizer mega menu

There’s a stylish mega menu which is great for stores with many categories to display. You can also include individual product shortcodes and showcase products within a category you’d like the visitor to discover first.

Uses the Elementor Page Builder

shoptimizer elementor page builder

Shoptimizer uses the popular Elementor page builder for key screens.

Shoptimizer is a product of CommerceGurus, a leading WordPress theme company focused on creating WooCommerce-optimized themes. They’re well-known for creating easy to manage and intuitive WordPress themes for eCommerce websites.
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